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Companies are representations of the communities they influence, the people they employ, and the products they offer. La Max Marketing is committed to helping companies reach business goals. We’re passionate about helping companies level up in this time when things are shutting down. Our repertoire of satisfied clients includes corporations in retail, education, non-profit, automotive, staffing, motivational/self-help, and real estate industries. Discover how we can collaborate to transform the way your business performs.

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Our Story - Our Why

La Max Marketing started in 2013 as GHC. It initially was the project of a struggling graduate student seeking to impact the community through positive news/event promotion. The idea was to give a greater voice and digital credence to community entities with proven positive impact.

As this business took flight, there was an overwhelming response concerning the need for quality marketing services. After hearing stories and ways entrepreneurs were being slighted, mislead, and deceived, the LMM mission evolved. The primary focus shifted to offer support to businesses in need of marketing assistance. We choose to help business owners realize their share of the marketplace because we believe that there is room for profit for everyone who has the courage to pursue their dreams. We offer corporate communications and marketing services to prove it.

To date, we still help business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate teams exceed business goals.


Our Leaders

Professor Lawanda Maxwell, MBA

Lawanda Maxwell, MBA is a marketing consultant and professor with over nine years of experience in directing marketing for companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits alike. Her specialties lie in strategy, consultancy, advertising, and project management. 

​Professor Maxwell is also an educator with a passion for community-based initiatives and empowerment through education; both emphasized in her marketing career and as an adjunct professor for Lone Star College. She has been a mentor for college students and entrepreneurs. She has partnered with organizations to spread awareness of causes relevant to civil engagement (especially among minorities and millennials), veteran advocacy, autism, PTSD, human trafficking, and breast cancer. Recently, she is the recipient of the LSC Adjunct Excellence award. She also has a master's degree in Business Administration, certifications in marketing, and minored in communications, business, and psychology.


LaZetta Bryant - Graphic Specialist

LaZetta Bryant has over 14 years of experience in print and graphic design. She is an expert in utilizing diverse applications in print and print technology. She is also the recipient of the Best of Category award from the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast, Inc.

Specialties: print design, branding, event branding, direct mail, marketing design, social media design, web design consultation, illustration, custom stationery and invitation design and printing. Large format Media printing and design. Packaging planning and design.



LMM drive business teams, entrepreneurs, and aspiring professionals to progress and achieve goals through good business and custom marketing strategies.


To positively impact profitability, market acceptance, and charitable flourishing for businesses and professionals primarily via high quality marketing efforts


Our Values

Misty Slope

Provide Quality Work and Solutions

Results over intent anyday.

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Find and provide value

We believe in doing good things. We find needs and fill them.

Experiment Often

The market is ever-changing. We innovate, research, and measure often to get results. It's how we work smarter.

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Listen then Speak

We address your concerns and consider your needs, then provide workable solutions. Collaboration is key.

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Misty Slope

Always be learning

If we aren't learning, we aren't winning. Continuous development is how we produce your winning strategies.

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Respect Others

"Respect is just a minimum..." We appreciate differences and celebrate diversity.

People Priority

People are the most important part of any business. We forge partnerships and relationships for optimal outcomes.

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Get 'Er Done

Laziness is a punishable offense at LMM. Our business is your business. We work hard so we all can succeed.

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